TANL House

Love Overshadows Circumstance

Building a safe, welcoming environment for children and youth awaiting foster placement.

About TANL House

Though many events may lead up to an emergency removal of a child from their caregiver, the moment itself usually happens fast. For this reason, when a child or teen is removed, they can sit and wait for hours or even overnight in the DCS office while a suitable foster or kinship family is found. Imagine how it would feel to be picked up unexpectedly from your home, school, or a hospital and have to wait in an office to find out where you're going to live.

We can make this hard day a little easier by showing kids they are loved and creating a place where their needs are met. At the TANL House, they can eat a home-cooked meal, play with toys, talk to a compassionate volunteer, or just zone out on a comfy couch. The TANL House is not yet operational, but construction is progressing quickly and we hope to open the doors in 2024.

Here are just a few of the things TANL House will provide:

Safety, security, and accessibility are our top priorities. Here are some of the measures we've planned:

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