Turn Away
No Longer

To show children the love of Jesus

Turn Away No Longer, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit faith-based organization partnering with individuals, churches, businesses, and other community organizations to improve the lives of children in foster care in Indiana.

TANL Ministries

TANL House

Children removed from their homes often wait at DCS offices until a placement is found, adding another difficult transition to this already painful experience. The TANL House will provide a welcoming, home-like environment for children to have their immediate needs met while their caseworker finds an appropriate placement.

Katie's Boutique

Katie's Boutique provides new clothing, shoes, hygiene items, toys, and other essentials at no cost to foster families. We serve hundreds of families every year throughout Indiana.

Community Needs

TANL remains flexible to meet needs as they arise. Not only does this build a strong connection in our community, it creates new opportunities for everyone to get involved. Click below to learn more about Blue Bridge Coats, Stock the Teacher's Closet, Christmas Angels, and more.

Swag Packs

Many children enter foster care with nothing but the clothes on their back. Our volunteers pack essentials and comfort items for children and teens in counties all across the state and we hope to serve more Indiana kids every year!

Stay In The Loop

As you can see, there is always something good happening with TANL ministries!
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Values That Define TANL Ministries

Turning toward children in need.

The number of children in need of services in Indiana and the lack of resources available to them is daunting. When the need seems too great or the circumstance feels overwhelming, it is easier to look the other way or say, “There’s nothing I can do”, but these children are not forgotten by Jesus. It is our calling and our commitment to intentionally turn toward the need and show God’s love in tangible, impactful, meaningful ways.

Dignity for those we serve.

Every human being has immeasurable value in God’s eyes. We believe that when Jesus spoke of loving the “least of these”, He was referring to our human biases, not the value system of our Creator. Jesus repeatedly lifted people up and He calls us to do the same. That is why we strive to serve in ways that restore dignity, empowerment, and joy to people who are in need, just as we would want for ourselves.
“...You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

Everyone can help.

We believe that God has created each person with unique gifts and He invites all of us to be a part of His work in the world, regardless of our financial resources, physical capabilities, or social status. For that reason, TANL is always looking for new opportunities for people to participate in our ministries. 1 Corinthians 12:27 says “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it” and we each have an important part to play.

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